A Warm Welcome From The Heart of Snowdonia

The front rooms have a lovely view of the river Llugwy whilst the rooms at the rear look out over the garden and into the forest beyond.
The attic rooms enjoy both views and they are theme decorated which makes them very popular with children.

Room 1 (the green room)

this twin standard room has pine furniture looking onver the back garden
it has a TV,sink and welcome tray and shares the bathroom with one more room

Room 2 (the orange room)

this standard rooom has a double bed, the furniture is victorian mahogany, there is a TV,sink and welcome tray in the room and shares the bathroom with the green room, it has the view of the side of the house overlook the field and the forest

Room 3 (the lilac room)

this is a large en-suite room, furnished with lavish curtains and mahogany victorian furniture
overlooking the llugwy river,TV in the room and welcome tray.
bathroom has a shower unit, sink and WC

Room 4 (the amber room)

this is an en-suite family room for 3, the furniture is satin wood, it has a TV and welcom tray
the view is to the front with the Llugwy river.
rate for a child under 12 year of age is when sharing with 2 adults

Room 5 (theelephant room)

this is one of 2 rooms in the Attic
it is a large family room en-suite with two double beds which can be used for a family of 4 or quite often it is a twin
same rule applies for chilren under 12 sharing with 2 adults the rate is 50%
there is TV and welcome tray

Elephant Room

Room 6 (the african room)

this is the largest family room in the house, it is in the attic and can take as many as a family of 5. it is en-suite has TV and welcome tray
children under 12 rate is 50% when sharing with 2 adults

African Room.JPG

Dolgethin Guest House in Picturesque Snowdonia Village of Betws-y-Coed

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Dolgethin Betws-Y-Coed Conwy

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